MotherHustle Bookshelf November 2017
Here are November’s picks for our favorite books for business, for fun and for kids — and this month, the theme is FOCUS.

It’s finally feeling like fall here in New England, which immediately puts me into hibernation mode. (i.e., I become a mama bear if I’m not in my house, in sweatpants and slippers, before it gets dark … at like 5 p.m.)

Luckily, my children are just like me: they love nothing more to stay at home, in pajamas, reading and playing.

Our time at home has given me lots of time to FOCUS on reading. (See how I did that? How I seamlessly fit this month’s content theme into that sentence? 😉 ) The stack of books on my bedside table is massive. I haven’t been able to resist the draw of the local Barnes and Noble, with its lattes and its stranger-gazing and its break from my home-office monotony.

So, I keep buying. And I keep reading. And there’s no shame in my game.  

Which is why I feel like I have so many great books to add to our MotherHustle bookshelf … but I’ll start with just a few. Here’s where to FOCUS your reading list this month:

For Business: Finding the Right Message

Want to see me go full nerd girl on you? Ask me to talk to you about this book.

Finding the Right Message* by conversion rate expert Jessica Havice has the tagline, “how to turn voice of customer research into irresistible website copy.” And that pretty much tells you exactly what this book does: in less than 100 pages, it gives you SUPER simple step-by-step instructions on how to understand your audience, analyze your research and use those insights to create copy that attracts your ideal customer.

This book is NOT only for copywriters. It’s for any business owner who wants to better understand her audience and make strategic business moves based on that insight. Just trust me, mama, and pick this one up.

For Fun: The Ocean At The End of The Lane

Full disclosure: I haven’t finished this one. Yet. But I probably will by the time you’re reading this because I cannot put it down.

The Ocean at The End of The Lane* book is an adult fairy tale by the amazing storyteller Neil Gaiman, who also penned young adult novels like The Graveyard Book* and Coraline*. (Enough said? You’re sold? Ok.) It’s about a middle-aged man who returns to his hometown for a funeral, and that sparks childhood memories that are both magical and chilling.

For Kids: Smart But Scattered

Ok, so this one is for parents, for kids. I learned about Smart But Scattered* through my other life as a copywriter for schools. The author spoke at one of my school client’s events, and I wrote a blog post for them about it. And as I wrote, I thought … “Hey. Wait. This sounds like something that could help my daughter.”

I had never heard the term ‘executive functioning’ before I began working with this amazing school, and it’s a topic that is super interesting and important to know about if you’re a parent raising young-ish kids. So take a look and see if it’s also something that could help your kiddo learn a little focus.

So that’s what’s on our MotherHustle bookshelf this month. What’s on yours? Share your favorite picks in the comments below, or over on Facebook or Instagram. 

*Links in this post are Amazon affiliate links to books we’ve read and loved on. 

Emily Cretella is the founder of, as well as the copywriting and content marketing firm, where she helps clients create + share stories their audiences love.

She adores being mom to her two little ladies and drinking obscene amounts of coffee from mugs with pithy sayings. Find her on Instagram, and learn more about ways you can collaborate with MotherHustle. 


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