My Secret to Success? Doing Less + Having More Fun - By Safia Sattaur for MotherHustle
“Having ‘fun’ is all about letting go of the outcome, pressure and expectations and allowing yourself to be in the flow of the events that are happening in the very moment you’re living.”

I used to have a love-hate relationship with my business.

I loved the freedom and flexibility it gave me to spend time with my 3 kiddos, but I hated feeling guilty every time “mommy had work to do” and as though I was tied to my computer all day long because I was trying to grow my business.

I loved my clients and the cash I was making (especially from the comfort of my own home, many days in my yoga pants 😁), but I hated how lonely it sometimes felt and that it took me away from socializing with friends and family because I was busy networking or marketing my business.

I loved coaching and making any bit of small, positive impact in the world, but hated how it always felt “hard” to stand out and be authentic in an over-saturated industry where everyone was doing the same or similar things that I was.

It wasn’t until I realized the reason I was swinging from one side of the pendulum to the other was that I wasn’t creating enough time for fun in business. That’s when I finally broke the love-hate cycle and REALLY started to grow my business.

Things shifted in 3 very distinct ways when I reintroduced “fun” into my business:

#1: I started working LESS and making MORE money.

I know this sounds totally cliché, but it’s so true. What shifted the most for me when I reintroduced fun into my business was that I started taking more ALIGNED actions and doing things that felt good for ME instead of all the “shoulds.”

I became really mindful of not just the amount of hours I was working, but exactly how I was going to spend those hours.

I stopped doing things that drained me and took time away from me operating in my “zone of genius” and instead hired a VA to support me with those tasks. This allowed me to redirect my focus and energy and lean into my strengths in ways that felt fun and exciting again and completely re-energized the way I was showing up for my business every day.

This new-found sense of fun led to me creating new offers and doubling my sales conversations and conversions—all while freeing up my weekends to spend uninterrupted time with my kids, take walks and sometimes the occasional afternoon naps because hey, #napsareformomstoo.

#2: My visibility went through the roof, and people started seeking ME out.

They say that visibility is key to growing your business, but what good is it if it doesn’t feel good?

Remember how I mentioned earlier that it felt “hard” to stand out in an over-saturated industry? That was because I wasn’t leading from a place of strength or authenticity.

The moment I stopped worrying about what everyone else was doing in their business and started focusing on doing things that aligned with MY strengths and felt authentic for ME—getting and staying visible no longer felt like “work,” instead it felt natural…and not to mention fun.

Finding ways to infuse fun into my strategies significantly changed the results I was getting from my visibility efforts.

I found innovative ways to create conversations around topics I was passionate about that I knew my audience needed to hear, I launched my own business talk show, and I created my own private community.

Leading from my strengths reignited a spark of joy within me that translated to an unspoken sense of confidence.

People started seeking me out—some wanting to work with me immediately, some requesting me as guests for their summits and podcasts and others wanting to connect with me for potential collaborations.

#3: I started attracting more of the RIGHT clients and opportunities.

Once I took the time to really understand what fun was for me and the role I wanted it to play in my business, it gave me the power to say no to opportunities and clients that were no longer serving me and create space for the ones that did.

Having “fun” is all about letting go of the outcome, pressure and expectations and allowing yourself to be in the flow of the events that are happening in the very moment you’re living.

Paying attention to this created so much space for me to grow and expand because I was no longer driven by a sense of scarcity, fear or force. When I got crystal clear on what I wanted, it brought the joy and fun back into my business.

As we know for the universal law of attraction, energy attracts like energy—and with fun and joy leading my business, I started attracting the kinds of clients and opportunities that fueled me with inspiration, excitement and creativity— which recycled itself back into my clients and their results.

Here’s the thing—when we neglect to create enough space for fun in our lives AND business, it’s only a matter of time before exhaustion, overwhelm and burnout start taking over and, before long, impact the way we show up for our business, our audience and our clients.

Fun doesn’t have to be extreme or irresponsible…it can literally be simple things you do every day to infuse your business with a little more joy and excitement.

I know this isn’t always easy, especially if you’re new to business and you’re hustling to gain momentum and create brand awareness—but I promise you, creating the space for fun will actually make you a better, more productive and successful business owner.

Safia Sattaur is a Certified Business Coach, Offer Strategist and proud mama of 3 little humans. She’s been running businesses since the ripe age of 18 and is known in business circles as the “Connection Queen.” She teaches new and rising business owners and online entrepreneurs how to generate more revenue and results in their business by creating their profitable signature programs and offers. The cornerstone of everything she does in her business and life is based on creating authentic connections and building strong “REALationships.”

She is passionate about empowering business owners to ignite their inner leaders, leverage their unique strengths and re-align with their core values so that they can start showing to more powerfully and confidently to connect with their target audience and streamline their big ideas into profits. She is the founder of the The Biz Junkie community and host of the Business Talk Show Success With Safia. Follow her on Facebook at Safia Sattaur and on Instagram at Safia_Sattaur. Make sure to check out her Coach’s Jumpstart Checklist here.


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