We Tell Our Kids They Can Make Mistakes. What About Ourselves? - BY Erica Cote for MotherHustle
“Life is built on the evolution of thoughts, feelings, and actions. … You are worthy of redemption.”

Failure hurts. It’s not pleasant to fall short or let someone down…yourself or others. But we’ve been giving it more significance than it deserves.

Lately, there’s a theme in our society that one choice can determine your life forever.

And while there are some choices that have less redemption room than others, the reality is that we press ideals on each other that contradict what we teach our children.

We tell kids that it’s ok to make mistakes and that they can try again…choose differently…to learn from it and move forward with our heads held high. Yet we will permanently write off someone in our lives with an indiscretion. Decide we can’t do better after a misstep. Or even worse, torture ourselves incessantly for one mistake.

“How could I have done that?”

“I’m so stupid. (Insert name here) would never have done something like this.”

“I’m the worst mother ever. I knew I couldn’t do this.”

How did we get to this point that one thing now blankets everything else that we do? Unless you’ve committed something considered a cardinal sin within whatever your belief system is, I swear it’ll pass. You are worthy of redemption.

Again, for the people in the cheap seats in the back… You are worthy of redemption.

Quality relationships are worthy of redemption.

Life is built on the evolution of thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Opportunities exist because we give ourselves space to try things and change our minds. Do something different. Failure is not fatal. Failure is a mistake looking for a wardrobe change. A mistake is a door to something different. Different is an opportunity to flourish and grow. The challenge is to make it an opportunity to be better.

Only you decide if you have to shrink. Reach instead for the light to move onward and upward.

There’s a ray of sunshine waiting to shine on you.

MotherHustle Panelist Erica Cote is an entrepreneur, coach, consultant, writer, and speaker who helps people connect through conversations that challenging female business leaders to be the change they want to see. By voting with their dollars, supporting other female owned or oriented businesses, and hiring from a place of support across racial and cultural lines, change happens. When she’s not coaching and supporting her clients, you can find her writing poetry or cuddled up with her two little ones. You can find her at Erica Courdae and Silver Immersion, LLC.



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