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“Women wear an engagement ring to symbolize their commitment to another. I created the Self-Love Pinky Ring so that women can wear a symbol of belonging to themselves.”

“I got totally dressed, makeup on, before I realized I never showered this morning.” … “I haven’t gotten a manicure since before my son was born.” … “I don’t read anymore. I don’t have time.”

These are literally things I’ve heard from fellow mamas in the past week alone. And it’s not a surprise. As moms, and as business owners, we often hear the term self love or self care and think, “Yeah, wouldn’t that be nice.” We feel like we simply don’t have the time or the resources to put “frivolous” needs first.

Well, L.A.-based jewelry company Fred and Far is aiming to change that with a powerful movement — and gorgeous reminder.

The company makes the Self-Love Pinky Ring as a bold, beautiful daily reminder for women to choose, honor and remember themselves. The design is simple yet statement-making, incorporating an ancient symbol of the divine feminine: the upsidedown triangle. It’s worn, of course, on the pinky, which is an often-forgotten finger when it comes to jewelry.

Fred and Far Self-Love Pinky Ring - MotherHustle Feature

It’s basically a pinky promise to choose yourself.

Beyond the actual ring, Fred and Far is creating a Self-Love Movement (which is so in line with our MotherHustle Manifesto). In less than a year, women in 40+ countries joined the company in making a pinky promise to choose themselves each and every day. Women share their promises online with the cards that come with the ring.

Fred and Far pinky-promise-pledge-with-ring - MotherHustle Feature

I recently spoke with founder Melody Godfred about the company’s mission. She says:

“Women wear an engagement ring to symbolize their commitment to another. I created the Self-Love Pinky Ring so that women can wear a symbol of belonging to themselves.

The ring is a daily reminder to practice self love and care, which is especially essential for mompreneurs. Balancing what comes with being a twin mom and an entrepreneur is what made me realize how much I needed a reminder to choose myself and remember myself daily, and I’m excited to share the magic of this ring with other MotherHustle mompreneurs.”

So mamas, let me tell you: I purchased the Mini Self-Love Pinky Ring … and I’m in LOVE. It really does work as a reminder to at least consider yourself each day, and I’ve never gotten so many compliments on a piece of jewelry from other women. (It’s a great way to start the self-care conversation with other moms in the school pickup line 😉 ).

If you’re looking for a gift for yourself, or for another important mama in your life, check out Melody and Fred and Far. (And this is no affiliate endorsement; I just love this ring and mission and want to share it with you all!) Because mama, you deserve some self-love — and a new piece of gorgeous jewelry.


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