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Project Mother delivers a curated selection of goods made by mothers who are striving to better serve their family, their children, their partners + themselves through their craft. Yes to that.

Founders Sara + Chrissi call Project Mother “a small push to a more purposeful life.”

I first came across Project Mother on the Instagram,  and I was floored by what they were pulling together. Basically, in a sea of reality stars pushing subscription boxes filled with frivolity, Project Mother is the antidote.

It’s a subscription box of lovingly crafted and curated products for moms, by moms, delivered four times a year. Their mission is awesome: to develop the livelihood of all mothers by providing support and an opportunity to create social impact.

Project Mother- Social Impact in a Box - MotherHustle Fab Finds

Sara told me:

“Chrissi and I are passionate about empowering women and, most important, moms and their dream of entrepreneurship. The products in these boxes are secondary to the opportunity subscribers are providing to the mothers who made them.”

Project Mother partners with “Mother Makers” who not only have products in their boxes, but also play a big role in their community.

A few examples:

  • Acacia Creations, which works directly with hundreds of craftsmen and women at their Nairobi, Kenya studio and across East Africa to improve their skills and product designs.
  • Krochet Kids has helped more than 150 people in Uganda and Peru work, receive an education and be mentored toward a brighter future in creating gifts that give back.
  • Our Sacred Women cultivates meaningful connections with women and between women through the intentional gifting of specialty products that help women feel seen, valued and honored.

And the list goes on. Says Sara:

“And because of that, I think the Project Mother box is something all creative mompreneurs can get behind – they GET it, they LIVE it, they understand the struggle of what it means to be an artisan, a workaholic, to use your hands, your talents, your brain to create something from nothing to support your family because you know it’s what you were meant to do.”

Project Mother- Social Impact in a Box - MotherHustle Fab Finds

We love Project Mother’s movement and what they’re all about. So mamas, go ahead and learn more about them on their website, check out the subscription options, or follow their inspirational feeds on Instagram and Facebook.

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