My MotherHustle Story: Nesh Pillay
“More than anything, being a mom has made the stakes for everything I do much higher. I need to succeed because I need to provide for my child.” Here’s Nesh Pillay’s #MyMotherHustle Story.

When and how did you begin your business? Give us the backstory! 

After covering New York’s advertising and marketing as a reporter for The Drum, I realized that the industry had a whole lot of “nothing money” – money spent on frivolous parties and campaigns with no measurable return.

I did my research and learned that more than a trillion dollars is spent on marketing worldwide each year. Just a tenth of this amount could end extreme global poverty.

This sent me on a mission to redistribute this wealth while also creating kick-ass marketing campaigns!

Tell us a little about your family.

I have the most wonderful little family! My husband Aaron is in hepatitis research while my one-year-old Zenaid is on a personal mission to make all my hair fall out.

What were the biggest challenges you’ve faced or lessons you’ve learned since starting your business? 

By far, my biggest challenge has been becoming a mom. I had a tough pregnancy that forced me to slow down and an even tougher birth, that left me with severe postpartum depression and PTSD.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned (and continue to learn) is to set boundaries, stick to them and, most importantly, be kind to myself.

How does motherhood affect or influence your business? Your creativity? 

When you’re an entrepreneur, your business is your baby. When you’re a mom, your baby is your baby.

Mompreneurs are left facing a constant challenge between these two: do I respond to this client email, or do I tend to my screaming toddler?

More than anything, being a mom has made the stakes for everything I do much higher. I need to succeed because I need to provide for my child. I may work fewer hours than I’d like, but I ultimately work much harder than I ever had before.

I’ve had to learn to ask for help, and also admit to and work with the boundaries that come with motherhood.

What advice would you give to a brand-new creative entrepreneur? 

There are no stupid ideas! Carry around a little notebook and write down every little idea you have – you never know when your million-dollar idea will strike!

What advice would you give to a brand-new mom? 

Don’t be afraid to take time for yourself. Cry if you need to. Or let your baby cry if you need to.

More than anything, learn to stifle that inner voice in the back of your head that constantly chants, “I’m a bad mom.”

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Nesh Pillay is the founder of Press Pillay – a boutique, socially-conscious digital marketing agency based in Toronto. Press Pillay offers an array of services for small to medium lifestyle tech brands. She is committed to becoming the Robin Hood of Marketing by taking from the rich and giving to the poor – or in her case, redistributing 10% of all her agency’s income toward making the world a better place.

After attaining her Master’s degree from New York’s CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, Nesh held various roles at The Drum, EQ Works, Avid Life Media, and Vice HBO.

When she’s not trying to take over the Toronto communications scene, Nesh can be found chasing her pantless one-year old around her apartment. Follow her on Twitter at PillayNesh and on Instagram at NPillay1.


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