MyMotherHustle Story - Danielle M. Snow
“I love that we are able to be in my sewing room together. Her at her table, whether she is drawing or playing with her machine, while I am creating my latest creation.” Here’s Danielle Snow’s #MyMotherHustle Story.

When and how did you begin your business? Give us the backstory!

I grew up with sewing in my world. My mom made most of my clothes, including my dress for prom. I made a couple of things here and there but never wanted to pay attention when my mom was teaching me. I got into making baby quilts when my friends started having kids. I loved it. The creativity of mixing and matching with tons of colors was a high for me.

Four years ago when my daughter entered into our world, I went all out with decorating her room. We painted and stenciled the walls along with making her curtains, a crib rail, and storage boxes to match. But once she actually arrived, sewing and taking care of an infant was not meshing, so I stopped sewing.

On her third birthday, I decided to make her a hat and an award birthday ribbon. I loved sewing those things and right then, I got the sewing bug again and it was not going away this time. I have always loved handbags and decided to make a few for family and friends. In 2015, I opened my Etsy Shop. I am currently selling handmade handbags and accessories. I am always dabbling in some new crafts so who knows what I will add next.

Tell us a little about your family.

My husband and I recently celebrated our 8 year anniversary with our dinner date involving our 4-year-old daughter. That’s what happens when you don’t have family nearby :). We embarked on the journey of foster to adoption about 5 years ago. We met our daughter on day four at the hospital and officially adopted her at 15 months. Being a mom and wife is truly a blessing, but it’s hard to find that “me time” without being a little selfish.

What were the biggest challenges you’ve faced or lessons you’ve learned since starting your business?

Social media and networking. As I am sure you all heard before, you can have the most amazing product but if people don’t see it, how it is going to become known.

How does motherhood affect or influence your business? Your creativity?

I struggle with this daily because when I am home, I try to be present with our daughter. But my husband also gives me the time in the evenings to be creative since I take the morning shift of getting ready, dropping off and picking up. I also think, now is the time to be with her because the last four years have flown and I don’t want to miss any of it. At the same time, I am trying to make this business a success so I can be a better mom for her.

Shortly after my daughter’s third birthday, I found a $5 table at Goodwill and we added two sewing machines. One is mostly for play and the other to learn (I think I paid less than $20). I love that she is growing up in a crafty creative world. She is so proud to tell everyone when she is wearing something that is handmade. My sister spoils her with the dresses she makes for her and my mom has made all her Halloween costumes (minus last year) and various other things. I love that we are able to be in my sewing room together. Her at her table, whether she is drawing or playing with her machine, while I am creating my latest creation.

What advice would you give to a brand-new creative entrepreneur?

If you have a passion or drive for something, do it. The motto that runs through my head daily, “coulda woulda shoulda” (but didn’t). I never want to wake up one day thinking, I could have done this or that but didn’t do it because I was afraid.

What advice would you give to a brand-new mom?

Take the time to be a mom because the moments are precious. One thing I have heard that I may not get correctly, the days are long, but the years are short. Even though she is four, the time has passed so quickly.

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Danielle M. Snow is a full-time working mom and wife of a four-year-old trying to cultivate a side hustle with her Etsy shop. She has hopes of turning it full time someday. All while juggling time and making sure her husband and daughter get enough of it (a daily work in progress). Find her on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook


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