5 Must-Haves Mums Need to Side-Hustle a Global Brand - by Chantelle Larsen for MotherHustle
“As a mum who has taken over three years to launch a global app, I want to share the top 10 tools that got me to where I am today.”

There are so many mothers with passion and purpose that I know, and there is enough light for them all.  

The growth of mobile, the Internet of Things and social allows mothers to build businesses between naps, after work and on the go.

So many mums I know are focused on executing their business plans, and many are hustling. Why so many have to hustle is another debate—but in my experience, access to funds, capital and investment means that mothers always find a way.

That way often requires a side hustle.

As a mum who has taken over three years to launch a global app with the mission to save mums two hours a day every day, I have found ways to make that side-hustle life easier. I wish I would have known about these tools from day one, but hindsight can be passed on.

Here are the top 5 tools and resources that got me to where I am today:

#1: Online community and networks.  

I was a full-time working mum, doing a doctorate and raising two children. So when I developed my business plan, getting to a physical location to network was, for me, anti-mompreneur. 

I found strong communities online where I could network globally, and the strongest was the Female Entrepreneur Association. Not only was I surrounded by strong females that inspired me and took me higher, but the community also shared valuable tools for launch, advertising, brand, membership and much more at an optimal cost.

#2: Outsourcing.  

If you are working full-time and hustling, trying to do this alone will be impossible if you really want to grow.

I spoke with two CEOs of companies who designed apps who gave me advice on outsourcing. I first had freelancers in Europe and then transitioned to India for the final design and build. It was the best decision I ever made. I had an outsourced solution that was feasible to continue running the design, build and run of the app while I continued to earn money that stabilized my family and funded the app.

I hear so much about only having a plan A. This was my stance in my first business in my 20s and early 30s, but then I was single and had no children. As a mum, I still needed to give my family what they needed and launch a business on the side. I now also have a Virtual Assistant, and have expanded India to include a service desk.

#3: A DIY website.

I had gone through several solutions for website hosting and management, and I know this is a topic of much debate. In my first business, I even had a web company develop a site, which was extremely costly, and then I was dependent on them.

I then went from WordPress to Rainmaker, and eventually SquareSpace. As a busy mum, I find that SquareSpace is the easiest to manage, and I do not have to rely on expensive support. I started blogging and growing my tribe even before launch. At launch, my Twitter was at 10k, Instagram was at 3.5k and Linkedin was at 1.7k.

#4: The book Brand You.

Brand You (affiliate link) has been one of the biggest sources of my learnings. It taught me how to develop a powerful personal brand, define my purpose and make the most of my networks.

I started hosting summits and doing public speaking to engage with my tribe. Motherhood Unplugged 2.0 was the first summit, but two more are to follow in 2018. I love engaging with mums—the people that matter to me are the ones I am helping to make a difference.

#5: The right tools.

  • Hootsuite: I plan as much of my media as possible on a Sunday, using Hootsuite.  I can, of course, be spontaneous—but as a mum, planning is key.
  • Trendspottr Pro. I optimize my research time by finding content that interests my community of  mums via Trendspottr. I do not have time to waste, so using artificial intelligence in the tools I use, as well as in my app, is a philosophy for me and mums.
  • Crowdfire. I optimize my Twitter growth with Crowdfire to find my tribe and to manage following people that are engaged.
  • Followers. I optimize my Instagram growth with Followers, and engage with my community directly on Instagram.
  • My Facebook Group. I engage with my Facebook group members, who were there from the start of my product design, testing and the development of the community.
  • WhatIfIhadaPA (drinking my own champagne!). I use my own app as my to-do list, calendar and optimization tool.

There are so many tools out there, but these are the ones that have gotten me to the point of launch and, now, growth.  

Even now, I still hustle.

I am 100% working mum, tech founder and wife who lives life authentically, bringing her mission to reality. And I hope I can help other mums do the same. 

Chantelle Larsen has embraced multiple roles: mum, wife, tech founder, vlogger, speaker, yogi, full-time Digital Lead, and inspirer of the next generation of Girls in Tech. She has figured out the power of mindset, tools and technology, which can radically change and optimize the lives of people that have the most important job in the world: mums.  

In the corporate world, she works on solutions that save millions. In her doctorate, she identified statistical correlations between childhood factors: parenting, sense-making and adulthood success — the ultimate success being happiness. The key barrier for parents was time! Chantelle’s mission became to save 1 million mums’ time. Follow Chantelle and WhatifIhadaPA on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter (personal and business).


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