The Big Mistake of Avoiding Mistakes - Emily Cretella MotherHustle
mistake: v. to blunder in the choice of | to misunderstand the meaning or intention of | to make a wrong judgment of the character or ability of | to identify wrongly: confuse with another | to be wrong

There are many things I’ve identified wrongly; that I’ve confused with another. And most of them? Most of them were moments of learning that I identified wrongly as mistakes — and therefore, tried to avoid.

When I became a mom, I made the mistake of being afraid to make mistakes.

I tried to memorize What To Expect When You’re Expecting, so afraid that I would forget the one tiny detail that would keep my newborn safe/intelligent/alive/loving me. Each and every fact laid out in those pages felt like a weight on my shoulders, a burden that I must carry with me in order to be a “good” mom.

Because I was terrified. I was terrified that any small mishap would prove that I wasn’t worthy of caring for this new, helpless little life. That I was a fraud. That it was a mistake that the universe allowed me to become a mom after all.

When I started my copywriting business, I made the mistake of avoiding mistakes.

I followed the instructions of online gurus to a T. Blog three times a week? Done; regardless of how tired I was, how spent my brain felt, how insignificant and random that number really was. Embrace Google+, or any random social platform really? Done; regardless of how much I hated it. Read #allthethings. Done; even though lots of it bored me to tears.

Because I felt like someone was watching. Judging. Waiting for me to fail. To misstep. To make a mistake. When in reality, the only person doing that to me … was ME.

Today, however. Today is different.

Now that my babies are children — a 7-year-old and a 5-year-old human, and a 4-year-old business — I can honestly say that I’m no longer afraid of making mistakes. I no longer feel the burden of those rules, the gaze of those unforgiving eyes. Because I’ve faltered, and I’ve survived.

I’ve seen my children fall and bruise and get back up again.

I’ve seen my business fall and bruise and get back up again.

And I’ve helped them all recover, get stronger, gain confidence.

I’ve learned that mistakes cannot be avoided. But you can choose the mistakes you’re willing to make.

By trusting yourself, and your instincts, and your smarts, and your capabilities, you are choosing the direction of your life and your business. And therefore, you are choosing the mistakes on that path. You are willing to identify wrongly or confuse with another the next step on that path, because you trust that you are heading in the right direction regardless.

So mamas, this month on MotherHustle we’re going to be exploring the misteps on your paths. We’re going to be talking all about MISTAKES — the good, the bad and the ugly — and we want to know:

What does “making mistakes” feel like to you — in business and in motherhood?

Some things we will be exploring …

  • Are there mistakes that you’ve made that you regret?
  • Are there mistakes that you’ve made that you’re grateful for?
  • How do you handle mistakes?
  • How do you reconcile being open to mistakes with being a business owner? With being a mom?
  • What advice would you have for a new mom or new business owner who is afraid to make mistakes?

We want to hear from you, mama. We want to celebrate your creative hearts. So join in on Facebook, or Instagram — or email me to chat about it — and let’s confront our mistakes together.

Emily Cretella is the founder of, as well as the copywriting and content marketing firm, where she helps clients create + share stories their audiences love.

She adores being mom to her two little ladies and drinking obscene amounts of coffee from mugs with pithy sayings. Find her on Instagram, and learn more about ways you can collaborate with MotherHustle. 


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