“With all that goal-madness culture, it seems that we have stopped dreaming altogether for the sake of practicality and productivity.”

Before you jump at the chance to answer ‘yes!’ to the title question, let me give you the second half of the question:

… or a goal setter?

The need for a distinction between the two concepts has been weighing on my mind — and frank,ly I have felt strangely defensive towards my own questioning, navigating my thoughts, trying to reach a honest answer.

I have found that the main challenge opposing me in answering whether I’m a dreamer or a goal setter lies in speaking as who I thought I was or used to be, and who in reality I presently am.

Simply put, there’s a conflict between past me, or ideal me, and now me.

I have always seen myself as a dreamer. Undoubtedly. You could have asked anybody about young Katell and they would have told you she was a dreamer. My younger brother recently told me that growing up they all new I had big dreams and that I would pursue them. The dreamer identity has been part of me for as long as I can remember. I even named my business ‘Reverielane’ for I believe deeply in always dreaming and supporting others’ dreams with my skills and talents.

Yet, for the past two years, I have felt uninterested and unmotivated to ‘go get it!’ … but I just couldn’t tell the reason why.

I couldn’t pinpoint what was missing, broken. Finally, at the end of last year, I had to go searching — and then discovered that what was missing was my ability to dream. There were blurred lines between dreaming and goal setting.

January, and even December, brings a bombardment of goal-setting strategies. We all must become goal-setting maniacs — I mean pros — and strategize, and plan, and divide in quarters, and break it into tasks … don’t get me wrong preparing for a successful year is good practice …

But with all that goal-madness culture, it seems that we have stopped dreaming altogether for the sake of practicality and productivity.

Dreams feel big. Dreams feel grand. Dreams should feel unreachable until they are!

Mamas if what’s in your head isn’t scaring you, if it doesn’t feel impossible, and if it doesn’t cause others to ask you if you’re serious, then you aren’t dreaming – or not dreaming big enough.

And in that case, I’d like to encourage you to step back from the goalsetting mindset and start dreaming (again).

We became motherhustlers in the first place from a place of dreaming.

I’m sure you’ve heard, as I have too often myself, that we can’t have it all. That we can’t pursue motherhood and be an influential voice in the world as well. “A successful working mom with a happy husband and children? That’s a fantasy!” – insert eye rolls – well, we told them and showed them it was not a fantasy nor a myth, but our dream and we did achieve it.

That’s what dreaming feels like. Do you still have that fire? Are you still a dreamer?!

MotherHustle Panelist Katell Schmitz is the creative director + brand designer at Reverie Lane Designs and The Creative Session, where she works with passionate dreamers on a mission to create beautiful, memorable and impactful brands. She’s a French expat who’s living her American dream but also gets homesick from time to time. She’s a happy wife and mama of two and presently lives with her multicultural family in Boston. Find her on Facebook and Instagram.


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