Live Life, Mama. Because It's All An Adventure - by Abby Herman for MotherHustle
“Most of the time, the most memorable adventures for both you and your kids are the ones that were just a regular day that went awry.”

I’ve never thought of myself as the adventurous type. I prefer safety and comfort over high-flying roller coasters and jumps out of airplanes.

But the one place I feel like I can be adventurous and do something “crazy” is out on the mountain trails of Arizona.

I’m a runner. Running is my therapy. Running is my church.

It’s where I love to go when I need some alone time, though I’m rarely ever alone on the trails. I always have a friend or three cruising (sometimes shuffling) along with me.

Running helped me discover that having an adventure can be as simple as a trail run … or a mommy/daughter date … or trying a new food.

For a long time, I equated adventure to travel — like they were one in the same. And for a long time, travel and adventure were nearly impossible for me.

Before I got married, I was a broke college student. When I was married, my now-ex didn’t like to travel, and I tended to just go along with whatever he wanted to do. When I divorced, I had a 2-year-old and loads of debt and bills and an unpredictable schedule. So, no travel.

However, I’ve had lots of adventures… 

Life is an adventure.

Every crappy, frustrating, horrible, wonderful, amazing, awe-inspiring moment of life is an adventure.

Motherhood is an adventure.

The poopy diapers, the strange “illnesses” that turn out to be nothing (or something), the ridiculous things kids say in exactly the wrong places (and usually in the loudest possible voices), the tears and the hugs, the fights and the accomplishments.

Business ownership is an adventure.

The late nights, the trying (and trying) to find your footing, the depleting bank accounts, the big wins, the finding your tribe, the tears and the laughs, the planning and the growth. (Sounds a lot like motherhood too, doesn’t it?)

The longer you spend telling yourself, “When the kids are (whatever age), I’ll be able to do (insert whatever adventure you want to take),” or, “When the business takes off, I’ll be able to (take that vacation, buy that house, go do that amazing thing),” the more you’ll miss the everyday adventures happening right in front of you. 

Because here’s the thing: there’s never a perfect time for anything, and sometimes the best adventures are unplanned. And most of the time, the most memorable adventures for both you and your kids are the ones that were just a regular day that went awry.

Have that adventure now.

Buy something totally off-the-wall to make for dinner tonight. Put on those ice skates instead of watching from the sidelines. Run that race you never thought you’d do. Let your kids do your hair and makeup before your next outing.

Just enjoy the simple things in life, and the day-to-day madness and fun. And make every day an adventure.

MotherHustle panelist Abby Herman is a content strategist and content coach for small business owners, helping to get her clients’ written message out to their audience, in their own voice and on their own terms. She specializes in working with female-owned, service-based businesses to generate ideas and strategies that help to move their businesses forward with content that attracts the perfect clients. Abby firmly believes in the power of educating and empowering business owners so they can grow their businesses without breaking the bank. Community over competition is truly her jam!

When she’s not crafting words or coaching her clients through their own writing roadblocks, you can find her exploring the mountains near her home in Phoenix or finding new ways to get her teenaged daughter to take a break from the school books and technology. You can follow her on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.


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