How to MotherHustle In Fearful Times - by Emily Cretella for MotherHustle
“You are not a mess. You are a feeling person in a messy world.” – Glennon Doyle

Ok mamas, let’s get real: when bad shit is happening everywhere, it can be hard to focus on being a good mom and business owner. 

This week proved that.

The horrors of Las Vegas, coupled with other recent natural disasters, have left me (and many of you!) distraught. Anxious. Fearful. And sad, sad, sad.

And while it’s understandable for us to feel this way, we’re also forced to carry on. We’re the moms. We’re the constants. We have to be strong for our kids. And we’re also business owners, with deadlines and responsibilities and schedules.

So how do we reconcile our personal feelings with our roles and responsibilities as mothers and entrepreneurs? 

While I do NOT have the answers, I thought I’d share a few of the things that are helping me motherhustle during some pretty scary stuff.

#1: Give yourself a friggin break.

Note to self: read #1 again. And again. Ok, maybe three times.

This week, I’ve been feeling sluggish. Wary. A little less motivated to move forward on anything “big picture.” I’ve been checking things off my immediate to-do list … and that’s about it.

And you know what? That’s okay. We are not robots. We are people. As the wonderful Glennon Doyle wrote this week:

You are not a mess. You are a feeling person in a messy world. … It’s a terrible day — and it is okay to feel that deeply. There is nothing wrong with you — there is just something wrong. We will rise and we will work — but today — today it is okay to stop and rest and hold our hearts and people close. Stay soft. This world needs people who are strong enough to stay soft.”

#2: Press pause.

This week, I decided to limit my time on social media, to only read the news articles that would inform me for a purposeful reason, and to stay away (as much as possible) from the sensational crap. I also found that I had no patience for the business-as-usual fair, so I stayed away from that type of content as well.

Perhaps for you, this means pressing pause on some projects or tasks that have no immediate deadlines. Skipping unimportant events. Ignoring the free webinar you signed up for. Deleting all of the eNewsletters in your inbox.

Whatever works for you so that you can center yourself and feel how you feel, you do it, mama. Unapologetically.

#3: Take action. No matter how small.

If you’re like me, when tragedy hits, so does a feeling of helplessness. To keep that feeling at bay, it helps to take action.

Here’s the thing: “take action” does not have to be something insanely big and brave in the moment. Don’t feel like it’s all or nothing, mama. By simply doing something to help, you can feel a little like part of a future solution.

This week, I took action by donating to organizations that I believe in and causes that I care about. I wrote a letter to my representatives. I did some research so that I knew more about the topics that matter to me and so I could make informed decisions.

Where and to whom you donate, or write letters to, or sign up to volunteer, is totally up to you. But take a step, no matter how small.

#4: Do some living.

This week, we celebrated my grandfather’s 92nd birthday. In one little room, we gathered his children, his grandchildren, and three of his great-grandchildren. We sang and ate ice cream cake, and the little kids read him handmade cards and poems.

The walls in his living room are lined with generations of pictures — his own parents, himself in uniform during WWII, his wedding day, my father and aunt as children smaller than my own.

Visiting with my grandfather, looking at those photos, reminded me that time is always shifting and moving, and bad things happen in all generations, but what prevails is family. Love. Personal connection.

Let’s keep those things close to us as we face this world together. Let’s try to not overlook the beauty happening right here, through our children, in each other. Let’s try to have fun, to laugh, to be present for our children.

Because like I said, we’re the moms. We can change the world — and we can start with the world right in front of us. 

Emily Cretella is the founder of, as well as the copywriting and content marketing firm, where she helps clients create + share stories their audiences love.

She adores being mom to her two little ladies and drinking obscene amounts of coffee from mugs with pithy sayings. Find her on Instagram, and learn more about ways you can collaborate with MotherHustle.


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