How to Defeat the Doubt Monster + Live an Abundant Life - by Jen Hatzung for MotherHustle
“How was I going to create a business around affirmations and mindset when that was EXACTLY what I struggled with?”

Y’all, doubt is big thing in my life.

As I read every definition of doubt, I’m over here with my popcorn and wine saying, “Oooh, yesss. Yup. Yup. That’s me.”

to call into question the truth of :

to be uncertain or in doubt about

to lack confidence in

to consider unlikely

As someone who struggles with perfectionism, I doubt so much about myself.

The definition that hits home the most “to lack confidence in.” Here is the thing, friends: I lack confidence in most things. If you looked up “fake it until you make it” in the dictionary, you would see a picture of me!

I doubt myself and my ability to do a lot things. Even when I say yes to something there is most likely a part of me that is having doubts and questioning if I am worthy enough to do the job/task/project.

Take, for example, my new business.

When I first had the idea to make money mindset affirmation cards, I immediately had doubts. So much so that I didn’t start pursuing the idea until late 2017 –when the idea first came about in early spring of 2017!

I immediately began to question my ability to start, yet again, another business when all of my past businesses failed. The doubt set in instantaneously, and I continued to squash the idea until I could no longer push it out of my mind.

Once I decided to pursue it, I began to doubt myself and my ability to go all in on a business and continue to keep motherhood at the top of my personal list of things to do and accomplish well. How was I going to take this idea I had and make it a reality?

How was I going to create a business around affirmations and mindset when that was EXACTLY what I struggled with?

But then something crazy happened: I began to see that the product I wanted to create was going to fill the void in the market for what I needed — and that meant surely others needed these cards too.

Then I did something extremely valuable: I began talking to a few friends about this idea.

Not just any friend, but friends who ran their own businesses.

Friends who worked with women who I thought would benefit from these cards.

Friends who believed in the same ideas about mindset and abundance that I wanted to believe in.

I went to friends whose work and opinions I valued. I went to them because I knew that if they, too, believed in this idea, I had proof of concept — and while I might still have my own self-doubts, I would know that this idea had legs and could stand up on its own.

I was able to channel that doubt into the fuel I needed to continue to pursue the idea and turn it into a business.

There are many days where I wake up and I doubt every single thing I am doing.

Am I doing what is best for my family by continuing to grow my own business instead of taking a full-time job that would bring in a much bigger paycheck?

Will people think I am a fraud for selling affirmation cards when I am still working on shifting my mindset to that of abundance?

Will my daughter grow up and see the value or pursuing an idea she is passionate about or will she think what I was doing was a waste of time and took away from our family?

I have spent the last 18 months acknowledging when I begin to doubt myself and when I begin to let the past control my present and future.

I can now see when I let a past circumstance affect something I want to do today. I forget that something I did five years ago should not prevent me from doing something today.

I have grown as a person. I have gained far more knowledge and I owe it to myself to not let my past drive my future.

The self-worth affirmation deck I created was born out of the idea and hope that if we can acknowledge when we’re beginning to go down the path of self-doubt and negativity, we can begin to re-program our thoughts.

Because our thoughts become things. So if we can acknowledge the self-doubt and negativity, we can stop it in its tracks. We can push back and change what our inner voice says.

At the end of the day, I ask myself if what I am working on and pursuing is going to benefit my family in the long run — and if the answer is yes, I have to push past the doubt. That feels like the easiest way to describe entrepreneurship and motherhood: pushing past the doubt and moving forward even when it’s hard.

MotherHustle panelist Jen Hatzung is a business strategist, podcaster and founder of Abundant Affirmationswho lives in Norfolk, VA with her naval officer husband, toddler and dachshund. She can be found drinking copious amounts of coffee or wine (depending on the time of day) while making lists and strategizing when she can fit in her next run.

She currently co-leads her local MOPS group, has her own direct sales business selling lipstick, and does the preschool/naptime hustle helping small business owners with their online engagement. If there is any time left in the day she has her nose in a book or watching HGTV. Find her on Instagram.


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