Let Your Creativity Loose, Mama- Fab Resources
Ready to get crazy, messily, blissfully creative? Here are some ways we can start.

“I want to sing. I want to be a singer who is an inventor and scientist, and also be a pet doctor sometimes.” A pause. “Maybe I’ll be on a magazine or something? Because I’m going to be doing a lot. I’ll be pretty busy.”

This was the conversation this morning over waffles. My first-grade graduate daydreaming about all of the crazy, reach-for-the-stars opportunities she can will achieve.

And it made me so proud.

But at the same time, I had to stop myself from saying my knee-jerk reaction out loud, which was: That’s awesome. But you can’t do ALL of those things. You have to focus.

Thankfully I held that in. Because that thought makes me sad. 

Sad that my initial reaction to someone striving for greatness was to be scared. To play small. Rein it in. See it as impossible.

My world revolves around creativity — seeking it out, exploring it, instilling it in my children. Yet my gut is often averse to it.

To be creative is to remove the nonsensical limits we set for ourselves and think bigger. To not view daily reality as the end-all be-all. You can’t be timid if you want to be creative. You can’t be confined. You can’t be SCARED.

So, I’m learning from my little girl today — a future singer-inventor-pet doctor who is gonna be TIME’s Person of the Year one day. (If she has time, that is. Because she’s going to be very busy.)

Ready to join me, mamas, and let our creativity loose? Here are some ways we can start (plus, some of my favorite creativity-based resources): 

#1: Give yourself permission.

We are all creative, no matter what our job title says. We just need to embrace that side of our lives and practice a little bit:

#2: Step out of your work comfort zone.

As Brene Brown has said: “There is no innovation and creativity without failure. Period.” So give yourself some room to try and fail in business:

#3: Play with your kids.

Your homework: get messy. You, your kids, your house. I want to see mess. Paint. Disarray. And I want to see what you come up with.

How do you get your creativity on? Share in the comments, or over on Facebook and Instagram.

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