Adventures in Style- Why Less is Best for Your Wardrobe - by Dacy Gillespie for MotherHustle
“We all think that we need options. Turns out that’s not actually true.”

After the chaos of the holiday season, I’m ready to let things settle down and get back to a calm routine (as much as that is ever possible). I’m betting a lot of you mamas are, too.

However, that’s often difficult when we’re surrounded by the clutter and overwhelm that the holidays leave behind.

Here’s something that can help: a small wardrobe.

When you’re a mom and a business owner, getting dressed every day can be an adventure. But it doesn’t have to be part of the stress and chaos that can often seem unavoidable.

We all think that we need options. Turns out that’s not actually true. There was a famous study done in a grocery store, where customers were offered multiple jam options for purchase. When the number of choices was reduced from 24 types of jam to only six types of jam, more people bought jam. Why?

“…the more options you give people, the more time and effort they have to invest in making a choice – something they may not be prepared to do. Moreover, giving people a smorgasbord of options puts a psychological burden on them because what you are actually doing is giving them more opportunity to make the wrong choice, regret it and blame themselves.”

The same applies to our wardrobes. When you have too many choices, you can become overwhelmed and worried that you’re making the wrong one. On the other hand, when you minimize your choices and only have to select from a few items you already love, you ease that “psychological burden” that more options can create.

Here are a few other reasons why less is more: 

#1: You Avoid Decision Fatigue

Let’s say you really do want the options. So instead of making a choice between 5 tops, you have to decide between 30. That actually takes extra energy. But so what?

The problem is that we all have a limited amount of decision-making power each day until we reach decision fatigue. Do you want to waste some of your important decision-making energy on what you’re going to wear? Or would you rather save that for deciding which project to take on, which doctor to choose for your child, or whether you’ll eat the healthy option? I know what I’d choose.

#2: Packing is Easier

Everyday dressing becomes easier when you have less to choose from, but that’s not all. Packing for travel can be really stressful, right? Add in remembering everything our kids need, and it’s overwhelming. Not so much when you have fewer options. All the principles above apply, and you save time and energy here as well.

#3: Dressing Takes Less Time

Lastly, the most obvious benefit is that you spend less time on your clothes and more time doing what you love. How much time do you spend daily thinking about what you’re going to wear? Do you try on and discard multiple outfits?

Imagine saving that time for some of the other little things you feel like you don’t have time for: cooking breakfast, making a green smoothie, taking a walk, playing with your kid on the floor for 5 uninterrupted minutes.

Want more tips on how to go from an overstuffed closet to a small wardrobe? 

As a personal stylist, I’ve worked one-on-one with more than 200 clients to help them minimize their wardrobes and shop mindfully – and I’ve distilled the process I take them through into a four-week online course called Making Space*. The course guides you through my step-by-step client system: defining your style, editing, overcoming common stumbling blocks, and creating a mindful shopping list.  The first module will be delivered on January 14, 2018 — so if you’re interested, sign up today!*

By taking the time to edit your wardrobe and simplify your options, you’ll reclaim the time and energy you spend on getting dressed for more important adventures in motherhood and business.

*Affiliate link to a course we know and love. 

A former classical musician, Dacy Gillespie has been in love with fashion all her life. After years of cleaning out closets, giving outfit advice, and shopping for friends and family, she decided to make her dream a reality and started her own minimalist personal styling business, mindful closet

Dacy and her husband (a member of the St. Louis Symphony) restored a midcentury modern ranch, where they live with their 3-year-old son. Aside from style and fashion, she’s obsessed with slow living and how mothers balance ambition and the demands of parenting. 


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