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“Every child is an artist; the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.” – Pablo Picasso

As we’ve explored this month, creativity is about more than making art and expressing yourself. Creativity has true value, and the ability to think creatively has a lifelong impact on your success.

  • 82% of college-educated professionals wish they had more exposure to creative thinking as students.
  •  About 60% of CEOs polled cited creativity as the most important leadership quality, compared with 52% for integrity and 35% for global thinking.
  • 78% of people believe that expressing personal creativity makes a real difference in their lives.

That’s why I love these organizations that are fostering creativity in children across the country. Read all about them — and if you’re so inclined, consider getting involved or showing them some support. Because we all benefit when children are allowed to explore their creativity.

Barrel of Monkeys – Chicago, Illinois

This awesome nonprofit provides arts education programs to students aged 7-13 throughout Chicago, focused on storytelling, theater and social-emotional skills.

Barrel of Monkeys teaches creative writing in underfunded schools, and each week, its “grownup” actors perform short sketches written by its students. Its tagline: “Celebrating the Power of Children’s Imaginations Since 1993.” Love this concept? Support them here.

Art With Heart – Seattle, Washington

Art with Heart uses creativity to support the emotional wellbeing of children affected by hardship. It creates healing, therapeutic books that help teens express themselves, and it offers local programs for local children. Check them out and purchase their books here.

826 / Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co – Brooklyn, New York

826 encourages the exploration of endless possibility through the power of writing. (Talk about an organization after my own heart!)

It has national chapters that provide under-resourced students with opportunities to explore their creativity and writing, such as tutoring, workshops, the Young Authors’ Book Project and in-school programs.

The coolest part? Its 826NYC location is the storefront for Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co., which sells SUPERPOWERS (for real!), costumes, gifts, toys, posters and more to support the nonprofit. Shop it here!

Child Creativity Lab – Santa Ana, California

This awesome place’s mission is to foster the next generation of critical thinkers, problem solvers, innovators and leaders through hands-on, creativity-enhancing exploration. Its goal? “Today’s children become tomorrow’s visionaries.”

You can learn more about why enhancing creativity in children is important by watching their video, and you can get involved with the organization here.

CircEsteem – Chicago, Illinois

Holy moly this looks awesome. CircEsteem provides a unique place for kids from diverse backgrounds to come together and build self-esteem and mutual respect through the practice and performance of circus arts (!!).

It offers after-school programs, HomeWork & CircusWork, and even runs birthday parties and workshops. Support their mission here.

Kids Creative – New York, New York

This organization uses the arts to foster peace. Kids Creative offers arts-based, peace education programs through summer camps, after-school programs and workshops.

The vision is that a better, more peaceful future is achievable by teaching youth the creative, critical-thinking and social skills necessary to make peace within themselves and in society. Find out more and support their efforts!

Arts@Large – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Arts@Large brings students and artists together in experiential, arts-infused learning. It fuses arts and academics through different programs like Cafe@Large (its student-led coffee house), Fill The Gaps (arts education that places artist educators in schools) and more. You can support them here.

Philadelphia Young Playwrights – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This organization pairs professional teaching artists with a classroom teacher to guide students in the process of writing a play. Then, various professional and university theater companies in the area develop and co-produce performances of the students’ plays.

Want to learn more about Philadelphia Young Playwrights? Support them here.

MusicLink Foundation

MusicLink provides musical training to promising children in financial need across the country. Children receive lessons, performance opportunities and attend camps for a reduced rate. They also supply musical instruments to children. Learn more!

Art of Recycle – Ephrata, Pennsylvania

What an awesome idea (and, an awesome website). Art of Recycle develops, heals and grows community through recycled art.

It teaches people how to create “art with purpose” reusing discarded, unwanted and excess items in order to create generations of artists and crafters who are more environmentally conscious. Support this mission here.

Those are just a few of the organizations devoting to boosting creativity in our children. Do you have any to add? Post them in the comments in below, or join the conversation on Facebook and Instagram.

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